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How to Delete Search History on Android?


When using your android device, it is not uncommon that everything you have ever done in terms of searching will be stored somewhere. Google has been said to even know you better that anybody else because it knows everything you ever wanted, including your deepest secrets and many other things about you. This can be quite embarrassing especially when other people found out about your google activity.

This therefore calls for you to act on time and save your privacy. The good news is that you can permanently do away with everything in short time and forget that you ever searched for such things using your android device. This is the main aim of this article, highlighting clearly the issue of google search history and how you can delete it on your android device.

Browser History Vs Google Activity History

Many people get confused when it comes to clearing browser history and clearing google activity history. This are two completely different things both of which are important.

Deleting browser history simply implies that you are doing away with what is just local on your android device. On the other hand, deleting google activity history goes a long way to involve what is stored on google servers. It completely depends on what is important to you.

The Good and Bad of Deleting Your Search History On Android

Almost entirely everything has its bad and good so is deleting your search history on your android device. Generally, it is good to clear your history as often as much as possible. Two important advantages of deleting your search history include:

  • You are able to put your privacy under control and not have people misusing your information
  • Your browser will work more smoothly without much troubles

On the other side however, you will encounter some setbacks here and there. The most common setback with deleting your search history is having to set your usernames and passwords once again because they will also be deleted.

Why Google Keeps Your History

As long as you have been using google, you can be sure that it has saved your search history. There are several reasons as to why this is done. These reasons include:

  • Putting in place your profile

with your history of searching, google will put in place a profile that suits you. This include the perfect age for you, prefer languages, gender and interests.

  • Filtering Search Results ads

once a profile is in place for you, the next thing that makes google save your history is so that you can get results that are suited for you based on the history. Ads are also follow suit and follow what you search.

What to Do Before Deleting Your History On Android

As already mentioned above, deleting your search history is generally a great thing to do especially when it comes to your privacy. However, there is no point of just deleting your search history anyhow. There are certain things you need to consider before deleting it. Here are some of these things:

  • Data Retention Policies

if you work for an organization that uses the G suite, then it won’t be good if your rash to delete your history without looking at what the company considers the best practices when it comes to retaining data from google.

  • Backing Up Your Google Activity

Something else that you should never forget is backing up you google activity before deleting the history.

  • Downloading Your Google Data

Once you done with the backing up of you google activity, you can proceed with the downloading the data. The feature that allows you to do this is called the google takeout feature. The google takeout feature works on most if not all the google products that you use including maps chrome and many others. This is pretty simply and you can follow the following steps to ensure that you successfully download you google data:

  1. Visit the google takeout feature and go to the page which allows you to download your data. In this page, you are expected to select the data that you need to download. Normally, all the data is usually selected and you will only require to press the next.
  2. Once the archiving is done by google, you will receive a notification mostly via email with a link to download the archived content.

Once you have taken care of these three thongs, then you can proceed to safely do away with your history forever and be sure that you won’t get into trouble.

Deleting Your Android Search History

When it comes to deleting your search history on android, it means doing away with:

  • Video searches
  • Ads that you might have clicked on
  • Any searches that you might have done using your android device

Deleting is a simple procedure and here is how you can carry it out:

  1. To begin with, you will have to visit the My Activity Page and click on the vertical ellipsis. In the menu that comes about, click on Delete Activity By.
  2. Next, you will choose the span of time in which you need the data deleted. If you want to delete everything, choose All Time option.
  • After this, you will get the product drop down menu and you should select All Products. After this, select Delete to proceed.
  1. Once you have pressed the Delete option, google will inform you that it uses the data so that it can offer better products to you. Here select OK to proceed.
  2. Finally, the google will prompt you to know if you want to delete your activity. Simply select Delete and wait. After everything is deleted, the page should indicate that there is no activity.

Clearing Browsing History

Clearing your browser history as mentioned earlier is different from deleting your search history although related in some way. It is therefore good if one knows how both of these activities are done. Clearing your browsing history is a bit easy and straightforward. Here is how it is done for android devices.

  1. Visit chrome browser on your android device and go to history
  2. Tap the Clear Browsing History data option
  • Select the time range from the past 1 hour to all time browsing history
  1. Tap on clear data to finish the business

How Do You Ensure That Google Does Not Save Your Data?

To avoid the trouble of having to delete your google search history now and then on your android device, there is a way in which you can make google pause saving the data. There is however no way that you can completely stop google from saving your data. Here is a way in which you can temporarily pause the saving of your data by google:

  1. Visit the Activity Controls Page using your device. Here, you will see the Web And App Activity and you are supposed to slide the switch present to the left.
  2. Select the Pause option when Google inquires if you need to pause your web and app activity.
  3. The remaining part is for you to confirm if the activity is truly paused. The screen usually indicates that your activity is paused and also the sliding toggle is normally grey in this state.
  4. You can choose to pause activity even to all other google apps that you are logged on.

Google and Your Privacy

The whole idea of knowing how to delete search history on your android device revolves around protecting your privacy. Google is one search engine that does not so much care about your privacy and you need to be careful on the sites you visit and how to use it generally. While you can never be invisible to google even after deleting your search history, there are a few things that you can do to avoid issues with your private information while searching the internet. For example, you can:

  • Remove most of the google apps and services that you use
  • You can decide to switch from google and use other search engines that do not go into your privacy such as Duck Duck Go.
  • Or you can decide to never use the internet! Whatever is best for you as long as you do not risk important information.

Cookies and Google Search History

When looking at google search history, cookies are an important part that should not be left out. Cookies are basically small data that come from a website and are usually stored in the browser usually at the time when you are using it. They act like some kind of reminders to the website of your last visit. This is because they work in such a way that once you visit the website for a second time, they are send back to the website giving each and every information concerning your last visit.

  • Why Are Cookies Used?

Cookies are important because of two important roles:

  1. Store your username and preferences for that particular website
  2. Tracking the visits so that personalized ads can be pushed to you.

The fact that cookies can track some of your information means that they are important points that breach your privacy. The cookies are kept by the browser until they expire which can only be that time when you cease visiting the website and log off. Tracking cookies however can stay for a long time, to as long as years.

Browser Cache

Another important part of your privacy that is also related to google search history is browser cache. It stores information about the history of your browsing and it is important that you clear them. This is because they can be serious breach to your privacy due to their involvement your browsing. Deleting cache and cookies on the common browsers is easy. Here are some of the ways you can delete cache and cookies on these browsers:

Google Chrome

  • Go to chrome menu and select settings then advanced settings
  • Go to privacy section and click the content setting section in the menu
  • You will see the cookies section and you can change the settings as you wish.
  • You can delete all the cookies by clicking remove all.
  • You can also decide to just delete specific cookies. In this case, you will have to visit website that is responsible for the cookie and click on the X that will appear
  • Apart from deleting all the cookies, there is an allowance for you to click cookies over a specific period of time. This is found in the clear browsing data dialog.

Instead of going through all those troubles, you can decide to ensure that google automatically deletes the cookies once you quit the website. This can be done through selecting the keep local data only until I quit the browser option.


Firefox is also another browser that can be used on android. To clear cache on Firefox for android users and therefore avoid issues with your browser, follow the following procedure:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox app on your device and go to the menu button
  • Choose preferences and select privacy
  • Set Firefox in such a way that it will use custom setting for history
  • Click show cookies where the cookies window is supposed to appear.
  • You can search for the cookies depending on the type, field and name of the website.
  • When they appear, select them and click remove cookie button.
  • You can also decide to remove all the cookies
  • After everything is done, you can close the cookie window.


When using the web on android devices, deleting search history should be a routine procedure. This is important because such history may expose your important information. the history may also not be good when accessed by other people other than yourself. Care should be taken when deleting your history because sometimes also important information may be lost. Therefore, one should balance when deciding on deleting history and not deleting the history. It is pretty simple to delete the history as outlined in this article.









How to search on Instagram?


Searching on Instagram has developed and become more sophisticated as compared to earlier on when Instagram was new and still developing. Because searching is such a crucial part when using Instagram and especially in business, the search feature has been expounded so that it can accommodate more people as well as concepts who find searching on it useful.Being such an engaging network, Instagram is the among the best social network platform that you can use so that you reach a wider variety of people. Despite the fact that it features just a few adverts and hyperlinks, it contains a very active community that are likely to be some of your customers or audience. As such knowing how Instagram works in terms of searching can be a good way for you to see how beautiful Instagram is.

Importance of The Search Feature On Instagram

Instagram has one of most advanced and most used search feature among the social media platforms. This feature is important in more than one way. Some of the benefits when you use the search feature include:

  • Getting a chance to get followers and therefore consumers of your products or services if you are in business
  • You get some of the best and more engaging hashtags that you can use on your own content
  • You directly find and engage your customers and fans
  • You find influencers and other people who like your product and collaborate with in order to benefit from the relationship

How Has Searching with Instagram Evolved?

Like mentioned in the introduction, searching on Instagram was not this engaging. It has come a long way and it is not surprising that some of you are still in the olden days. There used to be two main ways in which the search feature was structured on Instagram, that is:

  • Using the username
  • Using the hashtag

Nowadays, everything has changed and there are diverse ways in which you can search on Instagram. The olden ways of course are still crucial but newer methods have come up and made Instagram even better. These ways will form a major part of this article including how they are effective and how they can be good for your business.

Basics On How to Search On Instagram

Once you have your phone, you will require a strong internet connections and an Instagram account for you to access the search features that you need on this platform. Searching on Instagram is meant to increase your engagement with your audience as well as making sure that you have as many followers as much as possible. This can be achieved by searching people directly, places and hashtags. Therefore, the basis of searching on Instagram lies in finding:

  1. The required people
  2. The tags
  3. The places

Searching Instagram Content

Once you have an active Instagram account, you need to use the search feature to the fullest. Here are some of the concepts that can be helpful when it comes to searching content on Instagram.

Using relevant hashtags

Hashtags should be very important if you want to find content that is best for you on Instagram. The best hashtags usually point to what you are posting on Instagram. They should include everything that you are trying to bring out so that people get the best picture. A post about a trip to a certain place for example should capture hashtags of the location of the place and the major attraction that is found in the place. It is very easy to search Instagram using hashtags. The 2 quick steps involved are:

  • Typing a keyword in the Instagram search bar
  • Several hashtags usually on images or comments pop up and you can select one. It is important that you select the very first hashtag that comes out because it helps you find out about other hashtags that are relevant.

Using location

When you turn to location, it comes along with beautiful results that you may never expect a few years back when Instagram was coming up. Using location allows one to explore and find out about relevant Instagram accounts, best hashtags and even trending posts.

Accessing location of a post on Instagram is simple. It involves clicking on the location indicated on the post without going in the trouble of turning on your GPS. Once you have gone to the location, you will automatically see the most recent and top images as posted by other people using Instagram. Within this location, you can access the google maps as indicated on the posts.

Another way in which you can access the same location is by searching it in the search bar. Of course this will require that you have your GPS on so put it on and search the location in order to see people who have been to that location and their posts on the same. Using location to search Instagram is a good way to use for your business account. When you use this feature as one way of searching on Instagram, you:

  • Get people to easily locate your store, company or organization for better engagement
  • Easily share your location in your posts
  • Identifying your customers is also very easy once you get to know their location
  • Identify people within your company’s location who have come to visit so that they can come again for more


  • Using The Username to Search On Instagram

Using usernames remains one of the most potent traditional way of searching on Instagram. It is an easy way to find people and organizations that you know the names they use on Instagram. You simply need to put the names in the search bar and you will get the users. Instagram on its own usually suggests the people you might know which might be a great way to keep you going. When using this strategy to search on Instagram, you get a chance to follow:

  • Some of the celebrities that are your favorite
  • Brands
  • Bloggers
  • Friends and coworkers


Using Keywords to Search On Instagram

Keywords when used to search on Instagram will ensure that you found content and people in specific niches in which you might be interested. Keywords when searched will enable you to access both the people and the hashtags that are related to the keyword that you have entered. Unlike people, hashtags may be a bit diverse so you need to be careful in order to get exactly what you need.

Searching Instagram Using Followers

Another common and great way that you can navigate on Instagram is using followers to get certain information. What you need here is to get an account which carries the information you need. Once you follow these accounts, you will be able to see what they post and which kind of people and accounts comment and like their posts. Once you find followers who have quality content for example from the way they comment, then you can visit their account and follow them too and also see how they can be of importance in terms of what you offer.

Following such people and organizations is of great importance. You get to find customers for your products and services if you play your cards well. You can also be inspired by people who are in the same boat with you.

  1. Using Twitter to Search On Instagram

Last but not least, here is an interesting least known way in which you can such on Instagram. Using twitter to find content on Instagram comes in when one does not use hashtags but still posts particularly images that are related to your brand. The procedure of suing twitter is really easy. You just go to twitter, type your keyword in the search bar and follow the keyword with Instagram.com. the results displayed are those of images about the keyword that people have tweeted with the keyword being part of the description.

Ways in Which Search Results Feature On Instagram

When you are in business and have chosen Instagram as a platform for you to get exposed, then you need to understand how you can easily feature in search results done on Instagram. This allows you not only to reach your followers but also other people that are not following you and therefore helping you grow each day. Here are some of the ways in which you can easily feature when someone does a search on Instagram:

Creating High Quality and Relevant Content

Great content is always a key determiner in the success of any business. Once you have such a content many people will like it and it will most likely pop up as the first entity once people key in search entities. Instagram brings the top posts based on popularity which only comes when you create content that is worth the time and space. Great content comprises of:

  • High resolution images which will definitely end up with more likes and comments
  • Using a hashtag that specifies your niche in business or activity and allowing people to follow the hashtags. There is usually less competition on hangtags and having one is a great step towards improving your chances of being top in Instagram search results.


  1. Adding A Location Tag to Your Posts

Location as seen above is one way in which people search on Instagram. This means that once you have posts that have your location on it, people will find them easily as compared to those posts which do not have location tags. It is easy to add a location since when you are preparing your post, there is usually a location icon which you can tap and set your location.

  1. Timing Your Posts

This is a trick that one should always use if they want to appear on top of Instagram search results. Timing implies that you post at certain times when you know that you target audience is active. This gives your posts a chance to encounter them and deliver your messages to them. It does not to be hectic since when you possess an Instagram business profile, the Instagram insights page will highlight everything for you. The page enables you to find the day and hour when most of your audience is usually active and therefore you can post during those days and hours.

  1. Going Live

Lastly, you can go live to increase your chances of appearing on top of search results. When you are still developing and not popular on Instagram, this will be a hard choice to go for but why not give it a try? Instagram normally displays some of the top live videos and when you are resilient enough, you may one day appear in this tab. You can go live because:

  • You want your audience to know about hours when your business opens up
  • You want to inform them about something that is coming up or you are launching something
  • It can be a question and answer session
  • Inform your audience about certain collaborations and takeovers
  • Inform people more about your products and services

Instagram Search and Engaging Your Fans

One of the benefits of Instagram search feature is an opportunity for you to engage your fans or customers. There are those people on Instagram who actually post something related to what you offer but do not tag your account so you never find out, the search feature allows you to find these customers and engage them. You can find these people easily through using:

  • Branded hashtags
  • Using your location


Searching on Instagram holds a very important place in the development of your account and business if you have one. It ensures that you get the most out of Instagram and develop your account within the shortest time possible. The several ways in which you can search on Instagram have been highlighted here and you can use them to benefit. Some of them are recent in development hence not common but learning them will prove that they are pretty simple.

How to delete yourself from Google search


Google search is used all across the globe. It is a very popular search engine that is universally used by millions and millions of people around the world. The search engine has the capacity to comb the internet sites and scout and thereby produce the several search results in accordance to the query. The results that can be displayed range from private information to public information. However, you might desire to limit the amount of private information about yourself in the public space especially from the Google search or at the same time, decide to completely delete yourself from the Google search results. If you have visited this page for how to delete your private information completely from the Google search, then you have come to the right page. We want to therefore say boldly that this is completely possible. And the following subheadings will throw more light on the possible ways in which you can remove yourself from the Google search.Contacting the ownership of the website in questionIf you notice that your personal info is located in a certain website, it is then easy and very much possible for you to therefore delete yourself from the Google search despite that you are not reaching out to Google. In what manner can this be done?
➢ One of the ways to contact the website is through the “Contact Us” link which is usually located at the base of the home page. Some website locates this as one of the menus.
➢ You as well contact the hosting company of the website. This can be very useful in the case where it is somehow impossible contacting the website owner or where there is no response so to say from the website owner.
➢ You may also decide to do a “who is?” search regarding the website owner to get some information concerning him or her. When the website owner eventually deletes your private info from the site, then it will not be displayed any longer in the Google search.
Some information that can be easily removed by Google
In the quest to delete yourself from the Google search, it is needful and of course helpful as well to know some info that can be easily removed by Google itself. If, however, a certain website could not perhaps grant your request for removal or deletion of your personal information from their web pages, Google may have to remove permanently some personal information that may cause financial fraud, identity theft including any other information that can cause you a major harm. Some very common deletion request are as follows:
➢ Removal of materials that will publicly expose contact info with an intent to cause any harm.
➢ Removal of such information that has to do with the medical, financial including national identity.
➢ Removal of involuntary pornographic materials.
➢ Removal of private information with exploitative tendencies from other websites.
➢ Removal of non-consensual intimate or explicit personal materials, including images from Google.

Removal policies by Google
It may be true that just of recent, that Google has come on the spotlight and has been verbally condemned for what we can refer to as the liberal bias. But in the actual sense, this is not so. Google is entirely neutral and will be ready to do everything humanly possible to protect and continue in that neutrality. In the quest to stay on the neutrality spot, Google has activated their policy to not remove or delete any material. But that is not to say the least that information cannot be removed or deleted. Google will only consider any personal information that is considered an exception. And the exception one is the one that is very much regarded as very sensitive. In addition to the exception is some certain legal stuffs as may be deemed necessary for attention. The primary focus of Google is to provide an amazing and an excellent unbiased search results for every query inputted.

Google legal removal requests
Google has a page where people are asked to submit legal removal request directing Google to remove or delete certain private information from their search result. Suppose that any website includes some inappropriate material like the child sex abuse or any other very sensitive images of the said child sexual activities, this will graciously be deleted or removed. In addition to this, Google will also be glad to delete or remove any material that has to do with copyright infringement as long as they satisfy the Digital Millennium Copy Right. Whenever any legal removal request is submitted to Google, this will prompt them to investigate the request in the light of the Digital Millennium Copy Right before any deletion or removal can be executed. And when the request is eventually granted, the material in question will be removed or deleted. And the result from the search engine will no longer display your private information or the material requested for removal or deletion.

Be wary of social media
We are now in a global village and of course of small world. The social media is also one of the online platforms where people put their private information even including social media posts. And when the Google search engine looks around the internet for the results of any query, it will also search every social media platform including the social media posts for results. So, if you are looking to permanently delete yourself from the Google search, you must also look at the social media platforms where you have your private information stored. What you will be expected to do therefore is to go to the social media privacy settings where you can permanently delete or at the least control which of the private info you will like the public to know. Hence, the control or permanent deletion of your social media info will return nil result in the Google search.

Removing some personal information
There are some personal info which may be deleted or removed by Google. Some examples of such info are your bank detail, credit card detail, signature images, personal medical history, tax identifier, passport number, social security numbers, explicit materials shared without your consent including many more. Google will not however delete or remove such things like date of birth, addresses, and mobile numbers as these are considered to be for public consumption. In addition to this, suppose that your information was harvested from a government website, Google will consider such information as such that are designed for public consumption and will therefore not delete or remove it. So, when a person sends a request for removal or deletion of private information to Google, there usually are several such requests which are treated accordingly based on when such requests are received. Google will then look into your request to weigh it against which private information is considered public or not before any removal or deletion can take place.

Submitting a legal deletion or removal request to Google
There are procedures for submitting a request for deletion or removal of personal information from Google. And this procedure will be outlined below:
➢ The very first thing you should do is to visit the page “ https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905#ts=1115655%2C6034194 “ to submit your deletion or removal request. After the submission of this request, then you go ahead to the next stage of the procedure.
➢ The second stage is for you to select the Google platform from which you would like Google to remove or delete your private info. Notice that there is a radio button from which you will select the said Google platform from which your information should be deleted.
➢ The next stage will also provide for a radio button which you are expected to check. You will have many options to select from. The option will require you to check a button with the content for which you are making a request for deletion or removal.
➢ The last stage will be the page where you will be asked to submit every other necessary information.

Removing an image in Google
On a general and usual note, Google does not remove or delete images because almost all the images are imported from other websites. Even if the images are removed from the results as displayed by Google, the images will still be on the websites where that private information to be removed or deleted were primarily stored. Yet, other online search engines will still search out the information and display it as the result for the query. Therefore, as it concerns deletion or removal of an image, you will be endeavored to contact the owner of the website on which the images were primarily stored. However, if the images contain some very sensitive info such as the credit card detail, national identity detail, passport detail and some other very important details as may be encoded in their policies, then Google will go ahead to remove or delete it.

Removing explicit images in Google
There is a guideline set by the Google for the reportage of the misuse of private explicit images of people. There are guided conditions under which these sexually explicit images can and will be removed or deleted by them. These conditions are as stated hereunder:
➢ When you did not give your consent to the sexual act. At the same time, when the explicit material is also released without your approval.
➢ When you take part in a sexual activity or nudity.
➢ When you actually participated in the sexual act with the overall intention to make it exclusively private but was without your consent released into the public space.
However, you will be urged to get in contact with the owner of the website for permanent removal or deletion of the explicit material. This is necessary so that even if Google deletes it, other online search engines will still display it when queried. So, when the website owner removes it, no online search engine will be able to display it when queried.

Removing your sensitive info on the website with exploitative tendencies from Google
Some website owners will actually give you a very tough time when it comes to them removing or deleting your very sensitive materials from their websites after you perhaps have sent them a very polite removal request. Some of these website owners will even demand for some payment from you before trying to grant your deletion request. When you are faced with this kind of situation, Google may then take a step of isolating or removing the said website from their SERPs. Google has conditions for this:
➢ That the website must not practice a business review.
➢ That the content must be about you, but no one else.
➢ That the website has displayed or shown exploitative behavior, asking you to make some payment.
When these conditions are met, Google will do their own part.
Removing yourself from other Google affiliates
Google has several related products which can also display your private and very sensitive information which you want to be deleted or removed. Let us consider some of these products.
➢ YouTube. Google will not be able to delete or remove you from any YouTube videos from their SERPs except there is an infringement of a copyright or there is a violation of Google’s term of service.
➢ Blogger. It is basically what it is, a blogging platform. Any material displayed on this platform is considered by Google to be a mere opinion and will not be removed except the terms of service for Google is violated.
➢ Google maps. This basically shows details of businesses but can also mistakenly display some private information since it relies on third parties as a source of information. When such erroneous private information is displayed, properly make and submit a request for removal or deletion. And such information will be deleted. An image may be blurred or completely deleted from the map.

How to Use Facebook Search

How to Use Facebook Search

Facebook is a social networking site that is taking the world by storm. Today, the Facebook platform offers a lot of perks to users and does not restrict membership irrespective of the geographical location. One powerful tool every Facebook user needs to know about is the Search tool. But, it is unfortunate that the majority of people on Facebook do not know How to use Facebook search. That is the reason the topic is dissected in this article to give you detailed information about the tool.

How to Use Facebook Search

Facebook search allows users to search for anything about your friends. You can search for your friend’s latest status, the family photos you took together with the friend. Also, you can search for an event surrounding your friends and relatives. To make it easy for you to find information about your friend you want, we have some tips to assist you in that. So, you can continue to read to the end of the content to understand more about the tips that will enable you to search for the information you want without wasting time. So, take the time to check through the ricks and tips available here, and you will be happy that you did.

Get Started With Facebook Search

At the basic level of the Facebook search, you need to learn the interface. Your search result will come as you desire and depending on the keyword you entered into the search bar. Input the keyword you want to search for in the search bar to get the search results in the class category. Also, the query you entered will determine the order arrangement of the search result. Therefore, to get the information you want from the search result, scroll down through the list to check the result from pages, groups, videos, groups, posts, and others.

Make Use of the Search Filters to Find the Information You Need On Facebook

Facebook has seamless interface that understand the position and location of each of the icons and items. The filters are located at the left-hand corner of the screen, and you can make use of the filters to get the list you want. There is an exciting redesign of the Facebook platform in 2020, which changed the location of everything on the platform. Before the mid-2020 Facebook filters were as follow:

  • Post type
  • Date posted
  • Posts from
  • Tagged location
  • Post in the group.
How to Use Facebook Search
How to Use Facebook Search

However, these filters have been changed into something new and more impressive. The filters are now 11 in number with sub-filters and focus that makes it easy for users to redefine their results. Now with the new Facebook dramatic interface, you will get the following:

  • Posts
  • People
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Marketplace
  • Pages
  • Places
  • Groups
  • Apps
  • Events

You will still learn more about the filters before the end of this article.

Search the Facebook with the Search Posts Option

Facebook search bar comes in different commands. The examples of the search command are the (“find photos liked by the person you are searching for online”). In the filters Post, there are four other sub-filters. One of the popularly used and the most important toggle filters is the Posts you’ve seen. If you are regular Facebook users, you should have been seeing the feed. The only thing is that you may not have been able to move the feeds to watch later. With the toggle, you will be able to see the posts that you did not take time to check but scrolled past. That will make it easy for you to search for the post you want without issue.

More so, there is another chance to filter your posts with the tagged location. It is the unique filter that shows information about what other people have been saying about the place you search for any part of the world.

Search for photos on Facebook

Facebook is built with the concept of photo search, where friends come when they want to get information about their friends. Although the Facebook platform has evolved, its photo search remains one of the most popular filters for all users. So, users do gravitate to the Photo filter easily when they are on the platform. So, if you want to search Facebook to find out about anyone, the Photos filter is the right place to go. On the Photo filter, you can do oodles of things on your friends, colleagues, and partners.

The sub-filters under the Photos are four in number, and they include:

  • Tagged location
  • Photo type
  • Date posted
  • Posted by.

In the list of Photo filters, which enables you to specify what you want, whether to restrict your search display results on the Facebook database or on the photos you have checked on the news feed. Also, the Tagged Location and Posted by field will allow you to enter the place or name you want. The things explained here is one of the most difficult areas for those learning How to use Facebook search.

Video search on Facebook

If you are looking to learn How to use a Facebook search, you are not to search further. One search options you can find here is the video search. The video search is among the new features introduced in mid-2000 by Facebook. There are now toggles for group videos and live videos available on the platform. So, enabling the live toggle will help you watch a live broadcast from any station. The only thing about the live toggle is that it does not show the live videos that have already ended. You can watch videos life on Facebook using your mobile or desktop device.

Learn How to Search For Facebook Places

Are you looking for an easy way to know more about the location of your friends on Facebook? Facebook places have become the trending and powerful search tool for Facebook users. It is also among the newly added tool that can make it easy to search for places, such as family activity, restaurants, or tourist spots. That is why the tool is popularly used by Facebook users.

There are also some powerful sub-filters. The seven of the sub-filters you will find on Facebook include:

  • Status
  • Takeaway
  • Open Now
  • Price
  • Visited by your friends
  • Location
  • Delivery

These are the sub-filters of Facebook places that will help narrow your search until you find the right place you want.

The Search Facebook Job Filter

Facebook is no longer made to enable users to connect with friends and loved ones, but also available for those hunting for a job. Although the internet may not seem to be the place to find a job, Facebook search jobs is a powerful tool exclusively for those searching for a job. It is a job-hunting tool with everything job seekers want. It is one of the overlooked search tools on Facebook but has essential features that can help you get a job. With the help of the Facebook search job tool, you can find a new job from anywhere in the world. But, how can one carry out a job search on Facebook? The process is simple, you should start by checking Facebook’s Homepage at the left-panel of the screen to select the Jobs link. The filters are regularly upgraded with a new design to make search queries easy. Nevertheless, there is a menu at the left-hand where you can filter to select by sector, job type, or location. The guides on How to use the Facebook search provided here will not be completed except you learn about the job search.

The Facebook Marketplace Search

Although Amazon is not in rivalry with Facebook when it comes to ecommerce, Facebook Marketplace is growing rapidly to become the easy way for users to buy or sell items on the internet. Locating things to buy or sell on Facebook is easier than doing the same on eBay. You can search for everything you need ranging from a fairly-used car to a brand-new iPhone. Different social media networks have different ways of searching for things. The method of Facebook tool is different when compared with other social networks. The first thing to do before searching for anything on Facebook is to click on the link located on the left side of the panel on the marketplace. After the page has loaded, put in the basic search items, term or keywords, and hit the Enter key. Then you can narrow your search to the specific item you want by making use of the filters. One of the filters, there are some sub-categories, and they include:

  • Location
  • Category
  • Price
  • Item condition filters and more.

With the sub-search filters, you will be able to find the items you want in the place you want it and within your budget.

You must read the terms and conditions as well as the return policy on any online ecommerce shop you want to use for your online purchase. The same applies to the Facebook marketplace shopping.

Figure Out How to Know About Events with Search Facebook Events

The Facebook search event option is similar to the search places tool. It is a way to follow up with the activities or events going on in other parts of the world. You can also figure out the latest trends within your surrounding when you make use of the Facebook Search Event tool. The search event tools come with sub-filters, which include search by date, categories, locations, and others. The three widely used filters here include:

  • Popular with friends
  • Family member toggles
  • Online event toggle.

Search Facebook by The Groups

If you are learning How to use Facebook search there are many filters available on the Facebook platform. Among other filters, the popular one is to search by Groups. To search for the groups, you need the keyword relevant to the search result. Make use of the sub-filters to define your preferred groups in the locations of your interest. To increase your chances of getting the information you want through search, you should join the membership of as many platforms as possible. Most Facebook groups are free and easy to join, which made it necessary that you go on join the groups you are interested in to make it easy to find the information you want.


Facebook is a popular site with everything users need to make their day amusing. Becoming a member of a Facebook group or signing up for an account on the platform is free and does not cost money. The user-friendly interface of the Facebook platform is part of the reasons more people go for the platform. You can also increase your chances of searching for the information you want with the Facebook Search Group when you become a member of many platforms. Also, you can take advantage of the multiple filters and sub-filters to take advantage of the opportunity available on the internet. Take time to check through the filters to take advantage of the easy search opportunity. The search options range from jobs, place, video, photos, posts filters, and others. Now you can see that you have everything you need to take your search to another level when you take advantage of the things available here. Also, learning How to use Facebook search is simple, and does not take time to benefit from the things available. The post type, date posted, posts from, tagged location, posted in the group, and more are among the things you stand to get when you begin to use the Facebook filter. There is also an opportunity to buy the things you want when you check through the Facebook marketplace. But, before searching for the marketplace, or placing an order for the things available make sure you read the return policy. It is where you can find out more about the easy way to buy things or search for a job with ease.


How to search and find the Location of an Inmate.


How to Find the Location of an Inmate.
Finding the location of most inmates in a federal, state, city, or county prison can
be done, but you need to know the different ways to do so.

You will need:
1. Internet access
2. Letter to the Federal Bureau of Prisons
3. Local government authority contact information.

Step 1. Go to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website’s Inmate Locator tool to find federal

inmates that have been incarcerated from 1982 to the present.

Step 2. Search the Inmate Locator by an inmate’s prison ID number, or their first and last name.

Step 3. Understand Inmate Locator search results. They not only include the inmate’s location, but also the projected release date or past date of release.

Inmate Locator results can also include locations such as a halfway house or a concurrent sentence
at a state prison.

Step 4. Mail a request to BOP’s Historic Inmate Locator to find Federal inmates that were released
before 1982.

Step 5.Go to the USA.gov website for links to state corrections department websites with searchable state inmate locator tools.
USA.gov also has links to nonsearchable state corrections department websites.

Step 6. Search for the location of sex offenders at the Department of Justice’s Dru Sjodin National
Sex Offender Public Website.

Step 7. Contact local government authorities for city or county prison inmate information.
Many state corrections department websiteslist city and county prison contact info.

Start by accessing the various inmate searches by clicking on the corresponding State/Agency Below:

List of additional resources per state where you can locate and search inmates

Immigration an Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Federal Prison Inmates
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York State
New York City
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

How to Do a Reverse Image Search From Your Phone


Image Search is the ability to search on a term and find images related to what you typed.
Most search engines offer it But what if you have an image and want to know its origin, or find similar photos?
That’s called a reverse image search.
Google’s reverse image search is a breeze on a desktop computer.
Go to images.google.com and click on the camera icon.

You can then paste in the URL for an image you’ve seen online, upload an image from your hard drive,
or drag an image from another window.
But what about when you’re on a mobile device and want to do a reverse-image lookup?
When you load images.google.com on Safari,or Chrome on either iOS or Android, a camera icon doesn’t show up in the search bar. The solution is to load the desktop version on your mobile device.

Another workaround is holding your finger on an image until a pop-up menu appears, than select Search Google for This Image at the bottom.
If, for some reason, this doesn’t work out, Follow the below:

1. Select Open Image in New Tab.
2. Copy the URL
3. Go back to images.google.com and paste the URL.
4. When the results appear, click on the More Sizes option at the top to see only image results.

Another solution is to use search by image at reverse.photos is another service
you can use on your mobile device.

Bing from Microsoft also does reverse image searches with the same setup as Google on desktop and mobile.
Bing Reverse image search
1. Just go to bing.com/images,
2. Tap the camera icon,
3. Browse your photo librarynfor the image you want to search.

The latest versions of the Bing app on iOS and Android
let you snap photos and image search it immediately.
It also lets you upload photos from your camera roll, scan QR codes, and scan
text or math problems.
Just tap the camera icon next to the magnifying glass on the home screen and choose how you want
to search for your photo.

There are a few third-party image search engines out there dedicated to looking up just pictures,
two of which are TinEye and Yandex. There are also search engines geared
Specifically toward helping creatives find out if their work has been stolen.
Check out Berify and Pixsy for options. If you prefer reverse image search apps
over using a web browser, check out Veracity, Search By Image, and Reversee.

How to Search Google


How to Search Google

Fifteen ways to search google that 96% of people don’t know about
Google search is not only a powerful search tool.
But also the best friend for millions of people it is always there for you except for those times when you have no internet connection. That’s scary!

It can help you with anything it will find the lyrics to that song you heard on the radio
But only got you meet forever rain share the recipe for the most delicious pie and recommend the best restaurant around.
Students can’t go without it, and it is the key source of information for most adults, too But more often than not we have to sit through a vast body of knowledge to get the information we need and this can take hours rather than minutes.

Here’s a list of the most effective methods and tricks for searching Google to help you find the information You’re looking for in just a couple of clicks.

Number 15 – this or that
Sometimes we’re not sure that we’ve correctly remembered the information or the name we need to start our search But this doesn’t have to be a problem simply put in a couple of potential Variations of what you’re looking for, and separate them by typing the vertical bar symbol instead of this symbol You can also use or then it’s easy enough to choose the result that makes the most sense Imagine this your friend mentioned She wants to get the same haircut as Jennifer something was in Aniston or Lawrence Google will show you both of them at once so you can guess by Description your friend gave you which is the Jennifer’s it was how else can this trick be helpful to imagine you are deciding Which smartphone to buy make Google find and describe both options at once just type in buy cheap Android or iPhone?

Number 14 – searching using synonyms
Our language is rich in synonyms Sometimes this can be very convenient when doing research online if you need to find websites on a given subject Rather than those that include a specific phrase add the tilde symbol to your search for example if you search for the term Healthy tilde food You’ll get results about the principles of healthy eating Cooking recipes as well as healthy dining options see Different people have different ways of describing things if you make Google search using synonyms You won’t have to type in your search query many times before you get to the point more answers means more options at once.

Number 13 – searching within websites
Sometimes you read an interesting article on a website and find yourself subsequently wanting to share it with your friends Or simply reread it the easiest way to find the desired piece of information again is to search within the website To do this type the address of the site then a keyword or entire phrase from the article And it should come up immediately our website for example is a great source of information on basically anything So why not use it try typing in brightside dot me something make that something a salad And it will show you the best salad recipes.

Number 12 – the power of the asterisk
When your cunning memory decides not to let us remember that one keyword phrase or number we need to find what we’re looking for You can turn to the powerful asterisk symbol Just use it in the place of the word or phrase you can’t remember and you should be able to find the results you’re looking For, for example you want to see that science fiction thriller that has too many numbers in its name You got the 11 point 22, but forgot the 63 if you replace it with an asterisk Google will find the whole thing for you.

Number 11 – when lots of words are missing
If it’s the lengthier half of the phrase you can’t remember rather than a single keyword Try writing out the first and last words and putting a round plus the approximate number of missing words between them Imagine you want to play it cool And show your knowledge of poetry everyone loves poetry right or at least pretends to anyway you might not remember the author’s name But you do remember he wrote something beautiful about him wandering Or was it as a cloud try typing in I wandered around Or cloud Google will win this guessing game, and show you the whole poem by William woods word.

Number 10 using a number range
Sometimes we urgently need to get the list of events that occurred during a certain period of time To do so you can add a time frame to your search query with the help of three dots between the dates for example If we want to find out about scientific discoveries during the 20th century we can write scientific discoveries 1900 dot dot 2000 yes It is easy like that it also works with other numbers you can try finding products within a certain price range for example for that try googling, GoPro Hero 5 $100 dot dot dot 300 in that case don’t forget to include an indicator of what you measure the amount.

Number nine – searching for a title or URL
to help find the keywords and name of an article type in title colon before the search term without any spaces between them to find the words from a URL use in URL : it is important that you make no spaces between words and punctuation.

Number 8 – finding similar websites
If you found something you really like online and want to find similar websites type in related colon And then the address of the site again without a space between them for example If you thought Nike website has a lot of cool stuff to offer, but you want to see more options You can ask Google to find them for you it will easily find related websites.

Number 7 – pull phrases
Framing the search term within quotation marks is the simplest and most Effective way to find something specific and in the exact order you type in it for example if you type in the words I’m picking up Good Vibrations Without quotation marks the search engine will show the results where those words appear in any order on a website Not in the specific order in which you type them however if you type I’m picking up good vibrations in quotation marks you’ll get only those results where these words appear only in the order you type them in this is a great way to find the Lyrics to a song when you only know one line from it We all just need to find song lyrics from time to time don’t wait click the like button if you use Google for that.

Number 6 –  unimportant search works
to remove Unimportant search words from your query simply write a minus symbol before each one for example if you want to find a site about interesting Books, but you aren’t looking to buy them you can write the following interesting books minus five

Number 5 searching images using images
Imagine you were browsing the internet and suddenly saw the picture of the most beautiful coat ever or maybe your friend posted from some incredibly fancy cafe But has not added a location market wants to keep it secret Google can solve both mysteries for you All you have to do is save the picture hit the camera button on Google Images attach the picture or paste its URL Google will then find similar images on the web.

Number 4 –  the finding words and learning where they come from
Any language including English is constantly developing so new words appear and old words become history Google will help you to find them all easily if you type in Define and a colon with no space before the word it will give you the word definition So you will know what the word means without having to go through? Hundreds of search results before you find out or guess this trick also works with slang words and acronyms Another linguistic tool you can try is typing in Etymology colon period this way you will find out where the word comes from try both of these tools with the word mortgage comma for example.

Number 3 –  finding a specific file
Sometimes you know exactly what you need and in what shape you wanted Maybe you have already seen a great PDF or PowerPoint online, and now you need it again Or you just want to look at all the options Google will help you find the right file if you want to find a colorful PDF on cat breeds for example type in Cat breeds file type : PDF you will get access to thousands of PDFs on the topic in no time.

Number 2 using Google as a spell checker
This trick might seem basic, but it is still very useful You know how Google politely offers you the correct way to spell words when you make a mistake by accident You can make the best use of its natural spelling talent If you are not sure how to write this or that word try typing it in search queries Google will help you out Use the word in a word combination for a better result.

number 1 tracking your packages
You already know you can use Google to look for all types and kinds of files And turns out it can also help you track your package real quick Instead of doing the usual thing and going to the shipping company website Just type your tracking number in a search query it will work with UPS USPS and FedEx now you will always know where your packages you won’t have to navigate any websites or wait for them to load.

Bonus trick
Finally, it’s time for our bonus trick you did some hard work learning to use Google like a pro So now it’s time to play if you search Atari Breakout on Google Images the famous brick breaker will start right there.

if you are looking for more information about Google Search, check out our channel LMGTFY on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/LMGTFYMEDIA/


Best business Internet Service Provider


Charter Spectrum vs Verizon FiOS vs Comcast

Setting up your office can be an exciting if overwhelming task. One of the first things you’re likely to do is to arrange for internet service to be installed. However, it’s easy to make a poor decision in the rush so you should be researching which internet service provider (ISP) to connect your office with well before you move in. Then, once you’ve found a few providers, compare their plans, prices, and contracts.We’ve compared the best business ISP in each market in the US based on price, speed, reliability, customer service, and contract terms. Read on for our comparison of eight of the top business ISPs in three different regions: the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Midsouth, Northwest, and Southwest.

Region Best Business ISP
Northeast Verizon FiOS
Southeast AT&T
Midwest Charter Spectrum
Midsouth AT&T
Northwest Comcast XFINITY
Southwest Charter Spectrum

Best Business ISP in the Northeast: Verizon FiOS

verizon fios business internet providers

We recommend Verizon FiOS as the best ISP for businesses in the Northeast because it delivers comparable speeds and contract lengths to XFINITY from Comcast, but for a significantly lower cost and lower early cancellation fees. Verizon FiOS also offers month-to-month plans at a higher monthly cost where XFINITY from Comcast does not.

Monthly Price as Reviewed $84.99
Download Speed 75 Mbps
Contract Length 2 years
Early Cancellation Fee 35% of remaining balance
Month-to-Month Plans Available Yes, at a higher cost

Verizon FiOS offers 150 Mbps speeds for $79.99/month. Contract lengths are two years and the early cancellation fee is 35% of your remaining balance. Month-to-month plans without a contract are available, but at a higher cost.

We also highly recommend Charter Spectrum in the northeast because of their faster speed, competitive cost, and that they don’t require you to commit to a lengthy contract. However, their availability on the east coast is very limited.

Best Business ISP in the Southeast: AT&T

AT&T business internet providers

We recommend AT&T as the best ISP for businesses in the Southeast because they offer the best coverage in the country and are competitively priced for small businesses.

Monthly Price as Reviewed $85
Download Speed 50 Mbps
Contract Length 2 years
Early Cancellation Fee 75% of remaining balance
Month-to-Month Plans Available No

AT&T offers a number of plans that are suitable for small businesses depending on the download speed that you need, starting at $60/month for 25 Mbps. However, for most small businesses, we recommend their 50 Mbps plan for $85/month to ensure enough bandwidth to share among your employees as you grow.

One downside to AT&T is that their minimum contract lengths are two years with an early cancellation fee of 75% of your remaining balance and no month-to-month agreements available.

Best Business ISP in the Midwest: Charter Spectrum

charter spectrum business internet providers

We recommend Charter Spectrum as the best ISP for businesses in the Midwest. It’s a little more expensive than AT&T, but for the additional cost you receive faster speeds and the flexibility of no contracts or early cancellation fees.

Monthly Price as Reviewed $99.99
Download Speed 100 Mbps
Contract Length N/A
Early Cancellation Fee None
Month-to-Month Plans Available Yes

With 100 Mbps download and upload speeds, Charter Spectrum is twice as fast as the similarly priced offering from AT&T. But most importantly, Charter Spectrum is the only provider of those we reviewed to offer month-to-month contracts as standard. This means that your business won’t be tied down by a lengthy contract with expensive early cancellation fees.

One downside to Charter Spectrum is that some businesses have reported less than positive customer support experiences, likely due to the company’s recent merger with Time Warner. Recent reviews seem to indicate that the company is smoothing out the customer support experience, but it’s still a point to remain mindful of.

Best Business ISP in the Midsouth: AT&T

AT&T business internet providers

We recommend AT&T as the best ISP for businesses in the Midsouth because they offer the best coverage in the country and are competitively priced for small businesses.

Monthly Price as Reviewed $85
Download Speed 50 Mbps
Contract Length 2 years
Early Cancellation Fee 75% of remaining balance
Month-to-Month Plans Available No

AT&T offers a number of plans that are suitable for small businesses depending on the download speed that you need, starting at $60/month for 25 Mbps. However, for most small businesses, we recommend their 50 Mbps plan for $85/month to ensure enough bandwidth to share among your employees as you grow.

One downside to AT&T is that their minimum contract lengths are two years with an early cancellation fee of 75% of your remaining balance and no month-to-month agreements available.

Best Business ISP in the Northwest: Comcast XFINITY

comcast xfinity business internet providers

We recommend Comcast XFINITY as the best ISP for businesses in the Northwest because they offer the consistently fast speeds and have good coverage in the area.

Monthly Price as Reviewed $109.95
Download Speed 50 Mbps
Contract Length 2 years
Early Cancellation Fee 75% of remaining balance
Month-to-Month Plans Available No

Comcast XFINITY offers a number of plans for small businesses, but we recommend the 50 Mbps for $109.95 plan for a good balance between performance and cost. Comcast XFINITY’s plans are priced slightly higher than comparable plans from other providers elsewhere in the country, but this is typical for the region. Third party tests also rate Comcast XFINITY’s speed to be fast, stable, and consistent.

The downsides to Comcast XFINITY are that they require a two year contract commitment, charge 75% of your remaining balance in the event of early cancellation, and don’t offer the option of month-to-month contracts.

Best Business ISP in the Southwest: Charter Spectrum

charter spectrum business internet providers

We recommend Charter Spectrum as the best ISP for businesses in the Southwest. With 200 Mbps download speeds for $99.99/month, it offers the best value in business internet among the major providers in the US.

Monthly Price as Reviewed $99.99
Download Speed 200 Mbps
Contract Length N/A
Early Cancellation Fee None
Month-to-Month Plans Available Yes

At 200 Mbps, your business will have more than enough bandwidth for almost any purpose with plenty to spare for new employees as you grow. But most importantly, Charter Spectrum is the only provider of those we reviewed to offer month-to-month contracts as standard. This means that your business won’t be tied down by a lengthy contract with expensive early cancellation fees.

One downside to Charter Spectrum is that some businesses have reported less than positive customer support experiences, likely due to the company’s recent merger with Time Warner. Recent reviews seem to indicate that the company is smoothing out the customer support experience, but it’s still a point to remain mindful of.


  • Availability – Where does the provider offer service? Note that many ISPs tend to focus on more populated areas, so the service may not necessarily be available everywhere in each state.
  • Monthly Price as Reviewed – Most ISPs offer several different service packages with different prices and speeds. For the sake of comparison, we chose the options from each ISP that most closely compared to the others.
  • Download Speed – Measured in megabytes per second (Mbps), the higher the speed the faster the service.
  • Contract Length – The length of contract that you must agree to to receive the price as reviewed.
  • Early Cancellation Fee – The cost penalty if you cancel service before the end of your contract.
  • Month-to-Month Plans Available – Does the ISP offer the option of month-to-month contracts if you don’t want to agree to a minimum contract length?

The Bottom Line

The best ISP is one that delivers the fastest speeds for the lowest price and with the most flexibility in their contracts. Generally, you have to compromise on one or more of these to gain in the others. Among the major internet providers in the US, we recommend Verizon FiOS in the Northeast, AT&T in the Southeast, Charter Spectrum in the Midwest, AT&T in the Midsouth, Comcast XFINITY in the Northwest, and Charter Spectrum in the Southwest.

Best Online Colleges & Universities


Online colleges have grown in number in the last decade, with many top colleges and state universities now offering distance education through online degrees. Unlike the perception just a few years ago, today, many graduates of accredited online colleges report high satisfaction with their choice to earn a degree online.

Online programs provide a great alternative, allowing anyone to earn a degree that meets their goals in a flexible, affordable format.

The number of students taking online classes topped 6 million in fall 2016, according to a 2018 report from Babson Survey Research Group, with around 3 million of those learners exclusively taking distance education classes in either graduate and undergraduate programs. The report, based on U.S. Department of Education data, indicates that the number of students in distance education courses increased by 5.6 percent over the previous year.

With so many options available to students, U.S. News has ranked the Best Online Programs for the eighth consecutive year. U.S. News ranked online bachelor’s degrees as well as master’s programs in business, education, nursing, engineering, computer information technology and criminal justice. Online MBA programs were split from other business degrees and ranked separately.

Here are some of the top online degree programs in the 2019 rankings.


Among online colleges, Embry-Riddle claimed No. 1, improving from a tie for No. 2 last year. Arizona State came in at No. 2, up from No. 4. Ohio State University—Columbus, last year’s No. 1, slipped in the 2019 rankings to No. 3, tied with Oregon State University, which improved from the No. 6 spot.

Schools that made big leaps in the online bachelor’s programs rankings include the University at Buffalo—SUNY, which came in tied for No. 8, a drastic improvement from being tied for No. 60 last year, and the University of Alabama—Birmingham, tied at No. 12, up from a previous tie at No. 77.


Indiana University—Bloomington’s Kelley School of Business and the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School tied at No. 1 in the rankings of online MBA programs. Last year, Indiana tied for No. 2 and UNC landed at No. 4. Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business moved to No. 3, down from a tie at No. 2 last year.

Among the big shifts in online MBA programs, Villanova University surged from a tie at No. 61 last year to a tie for No. 13. Similarly, Creighton University climbed the ranks to a tie at No. 17, up from a tie at No. 54 in the 2018 rankings.

Business (master’s, non-MBA)

In the rankings of online business master’s programs, Indiana University—Bloomington moved up to No. 1 from a tie for No. 2 last year. Villanova Universitymoved down one spot from No. 1 in 2018 to a tie for No. 2 this year with the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, which previously came in at a tie for No. 13. Arizona State University’s Carey School of Business slipped from a tie at No. 2 to No. 6.

Education (master’s)

Among online master’s in education programs, Clemson University’s Moore School of Education maintained its No. 1 ranking from last year, though now in a tie with the University of Florida for the top spot. Florida was ranked No. 2 in education last year. Some programs made big leaps in these rankings; for example, Virginia Commonwealth University shot up from No. 115 last year to a tie for No. 3 with Utah State University, which was previously tied at No. 5.

Nursing (master’s)

John Hopkins University climbed to No. 1 in this year’s rankings of online nursing graduate programs, up from a tie at No. 5. Ohio State University maintained its spot at No. 2, and St. Xavier University came in at No. 3, falling from the top spot that it held in 2018.

Engineering (master’s)

The top online engineering programs stayed the same as last year, with Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science coming in at No. 1, and a tie for No. 2 between the University of California—Los Angeles Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering.

Computer information technology (master’s)

The University of Southern California once again boasts the No. 1 online computer information technology program. New York University came in at No. 2 and Virginia Tech at No. 3; the two schools were previously tied for second place in these rankings, which take into account computer science and computer engineering programs.

Criminal justice (master’s)

The University of Nebraska—Omaha landed at No. 1 in the 2019 rankings of online criminal justice programs, up from its previous tie for No. 3 with the University of California—Irvine, which rose to No. 2 this year. Sam Houston State University ranked No. 3, slipping from the top spot it held last year in these rankings, which include criminology programs.

What are the 5 Best SUVs


SUVs have continued to increase in popularity over the past couple of decades. Today, drivers prefer SUVs due to their impressive interior and safety features, strong engine performance, stylish design, and ample cargo space.

For the 2019 model year, there are five SUVs, in particular, that are expected to do very well with consumers.

2019 Ford Expedition

When you are looking for a 2019 Ford Expedition, there are three different primary trim levels to choose from. The XLT is the base trim and start at $52,000 but can cost up to $58,000 with upgrades. The next trim up is the Limited trim, which starts at $63,000 and can cost as much as $68,000. The Platinum trim starts at $70,000 and can cost as high as $80,000. Four-wheel or all-wheel drive is available on all trims.

There is one engine option, a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine which produces 375 horsepower and up to 9,000 pounds in towing capacity. With this engine option, you can expect a blended fuel efficiency of around 21 mpg. Fuel efficiency will decline to about 19 mpg when you upgrade to AWD.

The base trim of the Expedition comes well-equipped. Some of the standard features include the SYNC connectivity system, Ford’s MyKey system, a 4.2-inch display, a six-speaker stereo system, and a rearview camera. There are additional safety and tech features available with the higher trim levels as well.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban

The 2019 Chevrolet Suburban is well known for its best-in-class cargo space and strong engine.

The base trim for the Suburban is the LS, which starts at $51,000 for the rear-wheel-drive option and $54,000 for four-wheel-drive. The next trim up is the LT, which starts at $56,000 for rear-wheel-drive and $59,000 for four-wheel-drive. The top trim, the Premier, has a starting MSRP of $68,500. Plus, it comes standard with four-wheel-drive.

The base engine option for the Suburban is a 5.3-liter V8 engine that produces 355 horsepower. Those that want the most engine performance possible will want to upgrade to the Premier trim which comes with a 6.2-liter V8 that produces 420 horsepower and can tow over 8.300 pounds. With the base engine option, you will get a blended fuel efficiency of around 19 mpg. When upgraded to the Premier trim, fuel efficiency will decline to 17 mpg.

The 2019 Suburban has a variety of impressive standard interior features including an eight-inch touchscreen, the MyLink infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, a six-speaker sound system, and the popular Teen Driver control package. It also comes with a solid lineup of safety features including a rearview camera, rear parking sensors, and lane departure warning.

2019 GMC Yukon

The 2019 GMC Yukon has three trims. The base option, known as the SLE, starts at $50,000, which increases to $53,000 when upgrading to four-wheel-drive. The SLT trim starts at $58,000 and can cost $61,000 with the upgrade. The top trim is the Yukon Denali, which starts at $65,000 and costs more than $70,000 when coupled with four-wheel-drive.

One of the selling points of the Yukon is that there are two impressive engine options. The base engine is a V8 engine that produces 355 horsepower. The higher engine option — which comes standard with the Denali trim — is a 6.2-liter V8 engine that comes paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. This strong engine produces 420 horsepower and can tow up to 8,000 pounds. With the base engine option, expect to get about 19 mpg on a blended basis while those that upgrade will see this decline to about 18 mpg.

The 2019 Yukon has a great number of standard features including the GMC infotainment system, five USB ports, Teen Driver control system, voice recognition controls, front and rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, and a nine-speaker Bose sound system.

2019 Lincoln Navigator

If you are looking for an SUV with plenty of luxury finishes, the 2019 Lincoln Navigator is a great option. The Navigator has four trim levels, each of which can be upgraded from rear-wheel-drive to four-wheel-drive for an extra $5,000. The base trim is the Standard, which starts at $73,000. The next trim levels are the Select ($78,000), Reserve ($85,000), and Black Label ($95,000).

The 2019 Lincoln Navigator has a very strong base engine, which is a V8 that produces 450 horsepower and comes equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission. This engine is also strong enough to tow nearly 9,000 pounds. Compared to other large luxury SUVs, the Navigator gets good fuel efficiency of around 19 mpg.

The 2019 Navigator has plenty of standard luxury and tech features. This includes a 10-inch touchscreen, standard navigation, smartphone integration, a 14-speaker Revel audio system, six USB ports, and a WiFi hotspot. There are also many great standard safety features including a rearview camera, blind spot monitoring, front and rear parking sensors, and rear cross traffic alert.

2019 Land Rover Range Rover

The 2019 Land Rover Range Rover is popular due to its very impressive interior and strong engine performance. The Range Rover has two trim levels. These trim levels contain multiple models, each with their own assortment of features. The prices of the Standard Wheelbase models range between $89,500 and $178,500 while the Long Wheelbase models range between $109,950 and $209,500.

The base engine option is the 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces 340 horsepower. The more powerful engine option is a turbocharged V8 that produces about 550 horsepower. When coupled with the V6, you will get 19 mpg on a blended basis. This decline to about 16 mpg when coupled with the V8.

The Range Rover has an impressive list of interior features. This includes the two 10-inch touchscreens, the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, a 13-speaker Meridian sound system, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. There is also a great suite of safety features, which includes a rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, automatic emergency braking, and forward collision warning.

Overall, SUVs continue to be a popular option for drivers that want engine performance, safety features, and plenty of cargo space. While there is a wide selection of SUVs released each year, these five will be among the most popular with consumers for the 2019 model year.